10 foods to fight a cold

10 foods to fight a cold

The perfect meal to fight a cold


This is a preparation of Hungarian origin based on meat and onions. The onion melts and, together with paprika (or paprika), forms a sauce that surrounds the pieces of meat. Served with spaetzle, some plain dumplings.


Lenz stew

The famous dish that accompanies Argentines every year in the cold. Legume is important, then you can either not add red chorizo ​​(as I maintain the unique flavor that it gives), add meat or bacon, potatoes or diced pumpkin.

Lenz stew

Argentine Creole Locro

It has been recognized as one of the national holiday foods, but can be eaten several times during the winter. It is usually served with spicy sauce.


Polenta with vegetables and mushrooms:

An innovative idea might be to add steamed vegetables, but you can use any vegetables you have in the fridge. Garlic and onion as a base always add up.

Polenta with ossobuco:

As a result of the long cooking of ossobuco, very tender meat is obtained. Combined with tomato sauce and warm polenta, they form a spectacular dish.

Polenta with ossobuco

Ginger Carrot Soup:

Ginger gives it a special mega-hue. Citrus flavor that enhances the taste of carrots. Sour cream, which is added before serving, can be replaced with neutral Greek yogurt with a few drops of lemon juice, salt and pepper.

carrot ginger cream

Pumpkin soup.

Curry and coconut milk make a simple but flavorful soup. Can be served with a dollop of cream cheese.

  • Pumpkin soup

Mostacholes breaded:

Sauce, pasta, cream and cheese for baking are its ingredients. The idea is to put the fountain at the table and serve the guests from there. Pasta is a wide variety of dishes to fight the common cold.

Mostacholes breaded

Potato Pie:

A classic of a classic at the Argentinean table, with rich mashed potatoes that are creamy and full of flavor. In a well-known recipe, you can add white cheese, cream cheese, milk cream and parmesan.

potato pie


Meat (economical cuts), onions, carrots, pumpkin, corn and potatoes with peaches and apricots. Prepare slowly and without haste.


Carbonade according to a simple step by step recipe.

Carbonade according to a simple step by step recipe.

Kindness: Mariano Sanchez.