7 super easy recipes you can make with a can of tuna

7 super easy recipes you can make with a can of tuna

This jam can be used in several dishes such as dumplings or stuffed avocados.

stuffed avocado

Avocado stuffed with tuna, tomato, hard boiled egg and corn

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There is enough canned tuna in almost every home, but sometimes we do not know how to use it. In addition to salad, you can add it to other dishes such as stuffed eggs, homemade pizza with vegetables, dumplings… Whatever recipe you prepare, remember that choosing a good canned tuna is also important, and that it is better if it comes in olive oil, as it increases the nutritional value of the product.

stuffed eggs


stuffed eggs

stuffed eggs They are usually the protagonists of the tables of many festivities, but disappear in the usual diet. We recommend that you make more of them: they are simple, quick and, depending on the ingredients they contain, also healthy. Here’s a tuna recipe you’ll love.



Tuna cutlets

tuna cutlets This is another classic that allows you to take advantage of the canned food at the bottom of the pantry. In this recipe, we add other ingredients such as boiled egg, tomato and grated cheese, but you can create your own version of the dish.

Microwave tuna cake


Tuna Cake

Tuna Cake This is another seemingly festive dish, but one that you can easily add to your weekly menu: it takes you only half an hour (cooked in the microwave), and one of its main ingredients is canned tuna. You will need four jars, as well as tomatoes, eggs, crab sticks and green onions.

stuffed avocado


stuffed avocados

There is life behind avocado toast. This fruit can also be used as a container and filled with the foods we want. In this recipe stuffed avocadoss we suggest you put canned tuna, tomatoes, corn and onions; the result is very fresh, and it will cost you nothing to cook them.

pizza with tuna


Pizza with vegetables and tuna

Before you buy a pre-made pizza, take the dough (or make your own) and add the ingredients you like best; if it’s seasonal vegetables, better. Canned tuna can be another food to consider to complete the dish, you can follow this pizza recipe with vegetables and tuna.



Potato salad

Now that the good weather is back, fresh salads like the one we offer are a treat. It is not necessary that the basis always be a salad: in potato saladadd potatoes, beans, tomato, hard boiled egg and of course canned tuna.



Pasta with TUNAFISH

Pasta with minced meat or chorizo ​​is delicious, we do not deny it, but with tuna it is also very tasty. If you prepare them with this microwave recipeYou will have your meal ready in less than 20 minutes.

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