8 recipes to take advantage of yesterday’s bread

8 recipes to take advantage of yesterday’s bread

Crumbs, soups, pudding… Cook what you like best and reduce food waste in your home.

thyme soup

thyme soup


Cart savings depend not only on finding the best prices on the market, but also on making the most of everything you buy and trying to throw away as little as possible. For example, we can use parts of vegetables that we do not usually use (here we explain it to you), or give a second life to stale bread. You should know that there are many more recipes besides French toast, so you won’t have to give up on the latter, such as garlic or thyme soup, and pudding. We explain some:

homemade panko


Japanese style breadcrumbs

Although we recommend that you use sliced ​​bread in this recipe, these breadcrumbs can also be made with what you have left over from days gone by and have already hardened. Basically, it’s about chopping it up and toasting it a bit in the oven.




Another classic use of stale bread is migas, a dish as simple as it is delicious, with many versions throughout the country: Andalusian, La Mancha, Extremadura, Aragonese… Perhaps its only drawback is that this traditional dish is quite high-calorie.




Salmorejo is another recipe that can help us give stale bread a second life. Its content in typical vegetables from the Spanish garden makes it healthy and full-bodied, as well as very refreshing.

Mushroom soup and bread


Mushroom soup and bread

This soup with mushrooms and bread from the book soups by Fundació Alícia is a real treat and also helps to reduce food waste in the kitchen. The ingredients it includes are modest, but the result will delight you.

SOM garlic soup


Garlic vegetable soup

This dish includes some very affordable ingredients and allows you to use yesterday’s bread or leftover vegetables from other preparations. This is one of those traditional cuisine recipes that we should not miss.

thyme soup


thyme soup

Soups such as thyme soups were designed with stale bread in mind and simply topped off with ingredients that were on hand, such as aromatic herbs. Don’t let its simplicity fool you: the result is amazing.

french toast


french toast

This collection couldn’t help but include torrichi, sweets that many of us enjoyed this Easter. This is one of the most appetizing suggestions you can make with yesterday’s bread and it won’t take long. Use the microwave to work even faster.




Another very easy dessert that can be made with stale bread and that the whole family will love. We offer a very simple cinnamon and orange recipe that you will love and only takes 40 minutes.

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