a young couple made their dream of owning their own business come true with Pura Madre Pizza in Neapolitan style

a young couple made their dream of owning their own business come true with Pura Madre Pizza in Neapolitan style

Alba Delvalier


In this new edition of the LN Entrepreneurs special issue, we come with a story that invites us to not wait for the weekend to indulge ourselves, and dine tonight on delicious homemade pizza from the entrepreneurship of a young couple who create not only a life together, but also their own business, which arose in the height of the pandemic.

In fact, variations, locations, and recipes for homemade pizza can be found everywhere, but what’s interesting about this offering is that it’s made with Neapolitan-style sourdough, yes, the entrepreneurs’ own recipe called Pure Mother Pizza.

The company was created at the end of 2020 by Wilfried Rossel and Maria José Mendieta, who have been dating for 5 years. Will is a cook and currently has a full-time job, while Mayo is a clerk and dedicates himself entirely to Pura Madre pizza, they excitedly started a conversation.

This venture arose from the need to have a Neapolitan-style sourdough pizza variant, without any preservatives, that provides a lot of flavor and at the same time is very easy to digest. Photo: provided.

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“This venture was born out of the need to have a sourdough, Neapolitan-style pizza option without any preservatives that provides a lot of flavor while being very easy to digest. Since there was no such thing in the city, we decided to dedicate ourselves to this so that people could take home a handicraft product literally made in our house,” the couple said.

Mayo takes the floor and tells us that Will is a cook since he already had an oven but as a hobby they spent the whole quarantine trying pizza and that it was always his dream to have a kitchen business and that as a couple they always talked about it they both said why not try?

Will agrees that they both had full-time jobs then, so if the pizzeria had failed, well, they ran it together, nothing would have happened, but the success was such that they haven’t stopped since then, including with with the help of Jasmine, Mayo’s sister, and thus they made possible the incarnation of Pura Madre.

Mayo elaborates that the recipe was created by Will, testing for errors and successes throughout quarantine, etc., until he reached the desired result and thus was not able to create a first-class product from the very beginning.

Pura Madre Pizzas currently offers 12 flavors and 1 type of sandwich but with the opening of the store they are expecting more. Photo: provided.

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Pura Madre Pizzas currently offers 12 flavors and 1 type of sandwich with more than affordable prices ranging from £35K to £45K but as they are already planning to open a store soon they will have more flavors in both.

Thus, the products are intended for all people who love to enjoy good gastronomy, who were invited to taste the Pura Madre flavors carefully prepared for demanding gourmets, they stressed.

As in every interview, we asked entrepreneurs if it was difficult for them to start a business in Paraguay, and they thought that nothing is easy nowadays, but when doing something they are really passionate about, as in their case, they stated, . it always becomes more tolerable, because there will be difficulties, but the main thing is to endure, they stressed.

The hardest thing, in their opinion, was to survive not very good days. For them, the removal of restrictions was difficult because they were little affected by the fact that people began to leave their homes and, in their case, orders for delivery decreased. “I think it was a challenge for us, we are still continuing and now we are better than before,” the couple said.

I already had an oven, but as a hobby, and since the entire quarantine was spent tasting pizza, we decided to try it. Photo: provided.

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That’s why the pandemic was a moment of opportunity for them, because they were born in the midst of a virus that, thanks to their time at home, motivated them to make Pura Madre pizza a reality.

They recalled that they started only with a delivery service and the possibility of withdrawal precisely because of the pandemic and because a year ago they did not have the tools to launch a physical location and because of the epidemiological situation with COVID-19, and today they already have super loyal customers , who choose them from the start, as well as those who join them along the way, who recommend and make business profitability possible.

As for the couple’s projects, they indicated that the next step would be to open the premises so that people could taste pizza fresh from the oven, in addition to keeping the delivery and catering service on par. “Our immediate goal is local, and our dream is to become the best pizzeria in the country,” entrepreneurs ventured to say.

Likewise, all people who want to take on a cause have been encouraged by the message that whatever a person sets out to do can be done, and never let anyone tell them they can’t do it. “It’s not easy, but the pleasure of what you love is priceless,” Mayo and Will concluded.