About soups, soups and the fable of toads

Soups are made from everything, and in every country the soups are different. In Nicaragua we have beef soup whenever possible. Soup with meatballs when there were chickens, well, now frozen chicken comes out even in soup. Anyway, there are all kinds of soups here. The problem is that not all classes allow you to eat soup. The soup most commonly eaten by the poor is bean soup because it’s cheaper, but sometimes, to make the bean soup taste better… you have to add eggs.

However, we are always overcome by the need to swallow something, but not just like that. There is a capitalist (not to be confused with a reciter) who distributes and packs an alphabet soup every noon, which can only be consumed by people with a very strong stomach. Most citizens know who she is, know her functions… and that’s why no one swallows what she prescribes.

Taking risks, because those who don’t take risks don’t even get to know chipote, on one of so many days we decided to try this alphabet soup – women’s dish of the day – and could only taste two letters: P and in. But two letters were more than enough. (Bad note: BUT April in the official soup, they say it tastes like death)

What follows suits the taste of those two letters which already together form words with insipid ideas, that is to say, causing much trouble. It’s just that nothing he wanted to say with these letters has anything to do with our raw reality.


Let’s start with a letter P and its differences from reality:

motherland [email protected]. Homeland of what? Unknown because arrob has no country. But arrobas are known to generate a lot of interest from farmers when they weigh their bags of rice, beans, cassava and whatever else needs to be weighed.

free homeland It is also unknown which country the doctor belongs to. Will it be some kind of private homeland? Because the only one that exists, no one has been using it for a long time, because it is kept under lock and key.

Motherland for peace. Why not do the opposite: peace to the Motherland? Thus, when there is a healthy world in the country, everyone will surely feel better.

homeland for prosperity. But no one here knows when the homeland and prosperity will become available to everyone. So far, the only thing that exists and flourishes for the majority … is the homeland in which they live in a precarious position.

homeland and joy. Where are these two invisible things? At least they are not visible from the plain. It is only proved that they are seen only by those who, solely in order to enjoy their joy, settled down in their homeland.

Peace and security. Who can be sure if no one is left alone when they want to think differently and express it without being kidnapped?

Homeland for building the future. Oh what joy! But… when will the builders of the future be taken off the streets? Because the kids are still on the streets cleaning car windshields and juggling (with fire and balls) to be able to eat.


Let’s continue the lyrics in and their respective disagreement with reality:

A good life. The good life of those in power, because most of the good things in life are known only by hearsay, because even having decided to take a walk in El Carmen Park, anyone “can get a goat.” It’s like risking your freedom.

Healthy lifestyle. Who can guarantee a healthy life by eating poorly? It happens that for those who are lucky enough to have a permanent job, the minimum wage is about 18,000 kilometers from Cordoba … far from the basic food basket.

safe life. Blessed are those who defend their lives with hundreds of guards, on motorcycles, cars, vans and helicopters. On the other hand, the lives of others… how can they be safe if, when they go outside, they are being followed by other guards on motorcycles, cars, vans and helicopters?

life with love. So, with all this paraphernalia front and back, They they die of laughter with such love… but those who always have attributes behind die differently, are persecuted or hated even in their homes.

In addition to life in love can they have families (parents and children) that go outside looking for food in garbage bags?

For them and the persecuted, the alphabet soup that is prescribed for them is made from pure inuh… it’s tough to be yelled at…Let’s go with everything!

(Another bad note: Diosdado Cabello is said to have said that he wants to prescribe in his country the alphabet soup of official propaganda here, for which I think … it is the most unreasonable idea that his Dioslehadado!)


According to fables (rather in the opinion of fabulists), talking animals, their main characters, reflect the same situations as the human race. It is said that in the Middle Ages the most famous fabulists were called Fedro, Lafontaine, Felix Maria Samaniego and Thomas Iriarte. Of the latter we are going to parody the fable Frogs and their king because in many ways it seems that we are still in the Middle Ages, and a parody of which can only be called Toads and their king. Let’s start without Iriarte’s permission:

Many years ago, not so much compared to the old age of the world, there existed in a country of lakes and volcanoes, inhabited by hundreds of spotted toads, which gathered noisily (that is, croaked noisily) asking Jupiter to send a king

Since Jupiter knew that they were stupid animals, he smiled at their request and sent an old man with a huge club to them in the calm waters of the lakes (those in Xolotlan were smelly) and said to them:

“Here comes your king!”

And when the old king fell into the water with a club in his hand, the splash caused thousands of small animals of other species to flee in horror to the shore. Instead, the toads fawned over the king day and night and carried out his orders to punish those whom the king called conspirators and terrorists.

Over time, the smartest toads realized that, on the contrary, what they were ordered to do was real terrorism. And later, some toads who used to do bad things to all those whom they considered the enemies of the king, croaked again, asking Jupiter to change his way of coming from the monarch.

“So… you want a queen instead?” Jupiter asked irritably. – Here it is!

And, in a moment, a stork flew in, adorned with a shining golden crown and the same golden bracelets, chains, rings … and began to devour the toads!

Since it is not known when and how the battle between the stork and the toads will end, we are leaving

In addition to these pages

* Those who were imprisoned during the Somocysta dictatorship, and there were many, experienced and survived torture in many ways…

* Those who were and are imprisoned under the Ortega dictatorship – and there are many of them – know and suffer from other forms of torture…

*They say there isn’t much difference between past and present in terms of torture…

*But some tortures are original to this day…

*Proof of this: the founder of the current dictatorship, who received a few hours of sunlight a week, in the Modelo prison…

*Now he makes his captives not see a minute of sunlight for months…

* On the contrary, keeps them under artificial light day and night …

* On Saturdays, he was taken to the hairdresser, so that on Sunday he would receive a family visit …

*Now his political prisoners are not allowed to wash for months…

*The last abductee received a visit only six times in almost a year and only from a family member…

* Women prisoners with underage children are not allowed to see them even for a long time…

* And these children, for their part, asked permission to see their mothers, but in vain …

*So vain… like letters from poor children to “Nino Dios”!