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This thin and crispy apple pie is expertly crafted. In addition, it is very simple and quick to prepare, with just four ingredients it will be ready to serve. Ideal to cook in a minute and get a delicious dessert. On the other hand, apple type, you can buy the one you like best. In our case, we used a sweet and short apple, not very firm, so that it cooks faster in the oven and is tender and juicy. Your guests will surely be delighted with this delicious homemade dessert!

At RecetasGratis we will teach you how to make crispy apple pie quickly and easily. Let’s cook!

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Crispy Apple Pie Ingredients:

How to make crispy apple pie:


To start the recipe for crispy apple pie, first heat oven at 180ºC heated up and down. Then prepare the dough. For this, put puff pastry on a baking sheet oven with parchment paper underneath. with fork prick the dough so that it does not swell during baking, then it will be thin and crispy.

Deceive: It is also customary to make a delicious crispy apple pie out of phyllo dough. However, in our case, we prefer to use puff pastry.

Crispy Apple Pie Recipe Step 1


Peel apples and remove core. If you don’t have a tool for this, you can do it with a knife and remove the entire center piece.

Crispy Apple Pie Recipe - Step 2


Apple cut into thin slicesThey can be cut into whole slices or half moons. To cook well in the oven, the apple slices must be very thin.

Crispy Apple Pie Recipe Step 3


Place the apple pieces around the puff pastry to form a thin apple tart. We indicate that in order to be beautiful, you must put the apple on the edge of the dough, one on top of the other, and so on until you reach the center where you will put small pieces of the apple. should stay whole puff pastry topped with apples.

Crispy Apple Pie Recipe - Step 4


Put the butter in a bowl and place it in the microwave for a few seconds to melt it. Then with a brush paint a whole apple with butter.

Deceive: If you like, you can also add walnuts at this stage and make a delicious easy walnut apple tart.

Apple Crispy Pie Recipe - Step 5


sprinkle cake with powdered sugar or granulated sugar. You can also add brown sugar to make it more golden. Apple crispy pie is almost ready!

Apple Crispy Pie Recipe - Step 6


Put the thin apple tart in the oven at 200 ºC. heat up and down, you should just place it in the center of the oven. Leave it until it turns golden, somewhat 20 minutesdepending on the oven. You will love light apple chips!

Apple Crispy Pie Recipe - Step 7


Take out the apple pie and let it cool.. Now that it’s warm, you can serve a delicious crispy apple pie. Tell us your opinion in the comments and share with us a photo of the final result.