Canned Lentil Recipes: Salads and (Much!) More

Canned Lentil Recipes: Salads and (Much!) More

As with canned fish or vegetables, canned vegetables are another one of those “essential” foods that can’t be missing from our pantry. And the fact is, with a little gesture (as easy as draining them by running them through a stream of water), we already have a super-nutritious and healthy ingredient ready to be used in countless recipes.

They are great, for example, as the main element for a wide variety of salads, but you should not stop there: soups, purees, toppings, side dishes, curryvegetable versions of meatballs, hamburgers, etc.

There are already many ideas that we showed you, for example, with canned chickpeas or with beans. Also, of course, with lentils (here and here you have some examples). Today we will focus on the latter again to show you recipes, all of them with canned lentils as a common ingredient, although they are very different from each other.

If you decide to cook any of these suggestions, you can go to it step by step by clicking on the name of each recipe.

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