Caviar Pizza and Thalia’s Other Oddities – Publimetro Chile

Caviar Pizza and Thalia’s Other Oddities – Publimetro Chile

Talia has always been known for sharing a part of her life through her social media and showing off her every eccentricity.

What surprised his fans was his “recipe” to make his pizza even richer.

Through her Instagram account, the singer shared a photo of this dish, accompanied by caviar.

“My favorite, caviar on pizza. And finally Coca-Cola with lemon #ThalyExcentricities Tell me what you have!” he wrote in the description of the post.

We show what other tastes and preferences of the actress attracted attention.

The interpreter loves to sunbathe for hours and sometimes exaggerates, as she ends up getting several burns.

She once shared how her skin was after a few hours of sunbathing, and although her fans were worried, the artist assured that she was already being treated.

While it seems normal for some to enjoy drinking coffee in the morning, Thalia takes it to the next level as she carries a cup with her everywhere to enjoy the process to the fullest wherever she goes.

Despite the fact that some of her fans believe that this is not necessary, the actress often resorts to various aesthetic procedures to remain beautiful in her 50s.

Talia undergoes a facial and even some interventions to reduce her body fat, with a special focus on lipomassage, which is done every month.

Since there are days when she has a lot of free time, the artist decided to learn how to make her own cocktails and usually shares some recipes on her social networks.

One of the outdoor activities the singer loves to do is swimming with sharks because she finds it relaxing.

He also showed some of this experience through his Instagram account.