Chocolate pistachio brownie, a simple and delicious recipe, will become your new favorite cake.

Chocolate pistachio brownie, a simple and delicious recipe, will become your new favorite cake.

Chocolate pistachio brownie

If you have a sweet tooth and are going to share this Chocolate pistachio brownie We recommend doubling the amount (and using a 20X20cm pan), you will see that this is one of the best cakes you will ever taste, it impresses with both its taste and its juiciness. This time we have prepared recipe in a small bowl because we are preparing a dessert tasting and we will all be serving them in small portions, and I thought now is the time to share the recipe with you, because you have asked us many times for recipes for one or two people.

By the way, this dark chocolate and pistachio brownie You can’t eat together in one sitting, this type of sweets is very energetic and should be consumed in moderation. Anyway, as is such an easy recipe and it will easily be your new favorite cakeYou will do it again soon. Choose your favorite chocolate with a high percentage of cocoa, good pistachio butter, make it 100% pistachio, and little else you’ll need. Well yes, also enjoy the traditional brownie you have in this post and the hazelnut butter version you have here.

Ingredients (form 16 x 12 cm)

  • 60 grams dark chocolate, to melt
  • 110 grams light pistachio oil
  • 2 eggs
  • 90 grams of sugar
  • 30 grams of flour (wheat or oatmeal)
  • handful of shelled pistachios
  • s / n butter (for the form).


turn on oven at 200ºС heat up and down to prepare the form, lubricating it with oil, no frills.

Pour the sifted flour with sugar and eggs into a bowl. Put in another bowl chocolate with pistachio butter and put in the microwave for a minute (or melt in a water bath).

If there is not enough time melt chocolateput it down for a few more seconds, but even if there is a seemingly whole piece of chocolate, the heat it has and when stirred can melt it.

Chocolate pistachio brownies

Combine the two preparations and mix with a spatula or silicone tongue. Once everything is well integrated, add some whole pistachios and mix again.

Place the pan in the oven when it reaches the indicated temperature, then lower it to 180º C. Bake for 20 minutes about. Remove brownies from oven and let cool to room temperature.

Finish and presentation

Can you imagine cakes from chocolate and pistachios in the same shape, if it is beautiful, or unshaped, on a presentation tray. Cut into portions to taste and garnish to taste with chopped pistachio pieces, chocolate sauce, scoop of vanilla ice cream… and enjoy. Bon appetit!

Chocolate pistachio browniesChocolate pistachio brownieChocolate pistachio brownieChocolate pistachio brownieChocolate pistachio brownieChocolate pistachio brownies

c/s = soup spoon
c/p = dessert spoon
c/c = coffee spoon
c/n = required amount