Early Warning Signs Of Diabetes That We Shouldn’t Ignore

Early Warning Signs Of Diabetes That We Shouldn’t Ignore

Diabetes is a chronic disease caused by problems with insulin secretion. Diabetes is caused by stress, imbalanced diet and overwork.


Type 2 diabetes is the most common disease that can be caused by difficulty, heredity, sedentary lifestyle, low cholesterol, high blood pressure and high triglyceride levels. You have problems with kidneys, eyes, gums and blood vessels.

Sugar enters the cells and is converted into energy in solids. In any case, people with diabetes maintain their blood sugar levels.

This is the reason why people with diabetes feel tired regardless of whether they have eaten a good meal or not.

This is the most common symptom that occurs whether you are resting or not.

If you are extremely dehydrated, you may have diabetes.

If your child drinks tons of fluids and is wet all the time, you need to pay attention, because this is the first and most obvious sign that your child has diabetes.

It tends to be combined with the hypothesis of dry mouth.

If you have lost weight without a diet or exercise schedule, you may have diabetes.

When the blood sugar is high, it can lead to a weight loss of 5-10 kg in a few months, which is really strange if there is no explanation.

Insulin remains in the blood, which causes the body to feel hunger and begins to take protein from the muscles and become a source of life.

Nutritional confusion is another symptom of this health problem, which is caused by changes in sugar levels.

Cravings increase and the need for glucose manifests itself when the energy source, sugar, decreases.

Sometimes, vision problems occur because high glucose draws fluid from tissues, including the eye.

If left untreated, diabetes can cause vision loss, and if you notice that your vision is blurry, see your doctor right away.

Diabetes can cause peripheral neuropathy.

In this case, tremors first occur in the legs, and after a while, the sensation spreads to the entire legs and arms.

Anxiety is common around people with diabetes, which is a major symptom of diabetes.

Dry skin and poor flow can be symptoms of diabetes.

If the skin around the neck and underarms is dark, it indicates the body’s insulin resistance and high glucose levels.

You may have diabetes if you are familiar with a wound that has taken too much effort to heal.

  • Smoking

– Excessive consumption of sugar such as sweets, white sugar and carbonated juices

  • Physical activity

The perfect way to stay away from this disease and prevent it is to maintain a strict lifestyle – adjusted dietary standards, physical activity, and regular check-ups.