Goodbye pizza, Edomex giant pork rind gordons.

Goodbye pizza, Edomex giant pork rind gordons.

If a good Mexican knows anything, it’s Garnachas. Hundreds of stalls and eateries fill the markets and streets of the country. Whether it’s to satisfy hunger pangs or just for the pleasure of eating, there’s always something nearby to save the day. In this world of Garnachero, there is a dish that stands out for its crispy texture, golden appearance and unique taste, we are talking about always delicious gorditas, but there is also a huge dish ready to satisfy anyone’s hunger.

The words “gordita” and “antochito” always go hand in hand, whether they’re made from corn or flour, deep-fried or tenderized, stuffed with pressed pork, suadero or beans, they’re equally delicious.

When we think of one of these delicacies, we usually think of the classic gordita the size of a tortilla or even the size of a cookie, but the Mexican business has changed the game: Could you eat some giant pizza-sized gorditas? If you said yes, Gorditas “La banca Feliz” is the place to go.

Meet the Giant BBWs “La Banca Feliz”

Since 2020, the image of a cute pig holding a chubby one has flooded not only the municipality of Coakalco, but also Ecatepec and CDMX. For Delmer Verdugo Muñoz, the owner of garnachería, gorditas is part of his life: “It’s been my favorite food for as long as I can remember, but in my family, garnaches have always been one of our favorite foods.”

The goal of La Banca Feliz is very clear: to offer the best quality and service in every dish and to revolutionize the world of Mexican snacks with an improved and expanded classic menu.

The business has taken the gorditas recipe to the next level. Already a classic corn dough tortilla, fried in lard, with nopales, lettuce, grated cheese, onions and a good sauce to choose from, has turned into a giant garnacha no more and no less than 30 centimeters in diameter and weighing from 900 grams to up to 2 kg. Without a doubt, an appetizer for the most demanding.

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How much do they cost and what are giant gordites made of?

Prices and ingredients to choose from are as follows: pork skin costs 80 pesos; suadero and pastor 95 pesos; and a special giant gordita costs 130 pesos, no more and no less than a regular pressed pork gordita; to which they add Oaxaca cheese and any of its varieties of stews (suadero, pastor or steak). When you buy it, it will be packaged in a box with the mascot garnachería, in the purest pizza style, ready to eat accompanied or alone if you can.

More garnacha to enjoy

If you don’t like gorditas and prefer a slightly less crunchy garnacha, don’t worry, there are plenty to choose from:

  • The menu continues with standard gordits with a diameter of 15 centimeters. Prices are as follows: pork rind and cheese 22 pesos; suadero and pastor $28; and a special plump 37 pesos. All works of art by Garnacher.
  • Quesadilla is not far behind. There are chicharron and cheese (each for 21 pesos), suadero, pastor, steak and chicken tinga (all for $23), each accompanied by nopales, salad and sauce to taste.
  • There are also potato pambasos with longaniza for 23 pesos and chicken tinga for $27, made with special homemade bread and topped with guajillo peppers in a pure central country style.
  • All simple sops are $22 and include fried beans, nopales, lettuce, and shredded cheese, while stews (steak, pork rinds, tinga, suadero, or pastor) are 25 pesos.
  • Plain Huaraches with the same ingredients as the sopes cost $35, while those with stew are $45.
  • Finally, gringa de pastor, suadero, and steak cost $30, while fresh water and soft drinks start at $15.

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