Hot pot: A Chinese delicacy from New York has arrived in Buenos Aires and is perfect for winter.

Hot pot: A Chinese delicacy from New York has arrived in Buenos Aires and is perfect for winter.

We are entering the coldest time of the year and what better way to go on a winter day than a good hot soup. If you want to try something differentin Chinatown on Montaeses 2223 there is Shabu Shabu and they serve best hot pot in Buenos Aires.

“Hot pot” is a very festive Chinese dish, typical for family holidays or with friends. The term Hot Pot, by which this dish is best known, comes from English and means “hot pot” and its original name in Chinese would be huoguo. In fact, we are talking about it as a dish, but it would be more correct to say that this is a cooking method, and there really is no single recipe.

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Its main feature is that this dish is prepared at the same table where they are going to eat it. Diners are organized around a round table, in the center of which there is a burner (gas, alcohol, electric) and on it a saucepan in which various ingredients will be cooked.

The starting point is the broth, which is heated in the aforementioned saucepan. Dishes are served around the table. raw ingredients such as very thinly sliced ​​meats, fish, shellfish and all kinds of vegetablesas well as dishes with different types of sauces.

Like it’s fondue each visitor adds ingredients to the pot using chopsticks and cook as many as you need. He then restores them by putting them in a bowl and eating them neat or adding a little sauce.

It is a slow yet festive process in which visitors enjoy this shared experience. When all meat and vegetables are eaten andUsually add some noodles which, after cooking, are served in bowls of broth, like soup.


The restaurant has a broth for each person and a small internal supermarket so that each visitor chooses the ingredients himself for cooking, such as sauces, meats and vegetables. Each ingredient means more money, so it’s worth clarifying that the price is not very cheap, but it’s definitely worth it.

If you are unsure of your decision or do not understand the system, you can consult the owner He is going to explain everything to them so that they not only eat, but also study.

It’s an hour or a half experience. The menu only has Hot Pot as a main course, no desserts.