How to Prevent Chafing Between Your Thighs ! (Or Treat It, If It’s Too Late)

How to Prevent Chafing Between Your Thighs ! (Or Treat It, If It’s Too Late)

What is your favorite part of summer? Personally, we love soaking up the sun, swimming in the pool, whipping up cool summer treats, and of course getting our seasonal vitamin D boost.

Yes, summer is great, but it’s not all fun and games; In fact, there are several dangers that can really get in the way of the sun, including disease-ridden ticks, mosquitoes, and summertime nemesis, inner thighs.

Yes, yes, we know what you’re thinking: how can an inflamed inner thigh ruin your entire season? If that’s a question you have to ask, we’re guessing you either wear pants year-round or have a hole in your inner thigh.

But for those of you who really “get it” when we say inflammation is the worst, boy do you have good news! Not only will we tell you to TREAT that itchy, unsightly, and often painful pimple, we’ll also tell you how to PREVENT it. Let’s go swimming…

First of all, regardless of your age, fitness level, or body type, inflammation happens to almost everyone, so don’t get upset here. You may be fit enough to play American Ninja Warrior, but that doesn’t mean the friction won’t damage your sensitive skin.

This brings us to the next point; Your delicate skin may be the cause of inflammation in the first place. If you suspect this has happened, you should do everything you can to prevent pain relief before it happens again.

The best way to do this is to make sure you’re treating your inner thighs with the purest products they need—lotions and creams that don’t contain fragrance or abrasive chemicals.

Even if you don’t think your skin is sensitive, remember that you can apply lotion right after shaving when your skin’s pores are open and most prone to irritation. So instead of applying it on something that smells good, use petroleum jelly instead. This simple change instantly soothes your freshly shaved skin and adds a layer of protection to prevent excessive friction when you rub your thighs together.

If your skin is already dry, shake some talcum powder on your hands and rub it on your inner thighs to prevent the moisture from sweating from causing chafing. Plus, if you’re willing to throw in a little cash, you can get a stylish, lace-up inner thigh protector that gives you some serious protection when you’re wearing a skirt or dress. Cute, right?!

How to heal painful inflammation
Now, if you are feeling really bad, don’t worry because there is hope!

One of the best ways to heal mild to moderately inflamed skin is to apply more pure petroleum jelly (it’s a godsend!) and use only very mild cleansers when bathing. Do your best to only have 100% cotton on your thighs in the mornings and evenings on healing days.

Of course, if your shock is really bad, that is. If it’s open, bleeding, infected, scabby, or smelly, see a doctor STAT! Some people often develop fevers due to sweating or undiagnosed allergies, so the sooner you start antibiotic treatment, the faster you’ll get relief.

Here’s to a happy, pain-free summer!

We love to hear your thoughts on everything. Have you ever been sick before? If so, how was it treated? Do you have any anti-crack hacks you’d like to share?