low calories and great cleanser

low calories and great cleanser

Winter is here and with it you want a hot drink that hardens the body. And if it’s already cleansing, great tasting, low in calories, and allows you to lose weight, the perfect combination is made and ready to go.

Garlic soup is one of the main dishes in gastronomy, very easy to prepare and very beneficial for our body, but also healthy. modest, with very accessible and cheap ingredients, so that our pocket will not suffer. This is a typical grandmother’s dish, one of those that you want to eat every week.

It is very useful because the main ingredient is just water or meat broth, a very easy way to fill the body with almost no calories and garlic, another leading actor, It is a natural antiseptic and antibiotic, it cleanses, lowers cholesterol, acts on fats, helps lower high blood pressure, is an antioxidant, and even has anti-cancer properties.

If you are convinced of the reasons why this dish is wonderful, we leave you with a simple recipe.


  • 10-15 garlic cloves (to taste)

  • One egg per person

  • Ham or cubes of Serrano ham, to taste

  • Vera sweet paprika

  • extra virgin olive oil

  • 3 liters of meat or chicken broth or water

  • Salt and pepper

  • Optional: slices of stale bread


In fact, stale bread is required in this recipe, but it is just as true as the fact that if we want the soup to be suitable for losing weight, it is better not to add it. Therefore, your choice. Garlic soup without bread will not be the same, but it will be healthier.

First of all, pour a jet of oil into the pan, about 50 ml. and heat it up over medium heat. Slightly fry the garlic and as soon as they change color add the ham, but after a maximum of 30 seconds.

So, if you decide to add bread, fry it until it hardens and takes on a color. Keep in mind that all or most of the oil will be absorbed into the soup.

If you don’t add bread just add sweet paprika to taste (one or two tablespoons), sauté it for a few seconds because it burns very easily, and add water or broth already, depending on whether you want it to be more or less strong.

Then it remains only to cook on medium heat, slowly, for 40 minutes to match the tastes. Also add the bread in the middle of cooking to make it soft, add black pepper to taste and taste before salting, because there is already enough ham and broth, and it is not necessary.

And when there are two or three minutes left before the end, add eggs and when they curl up, it will be ready to eat. Alternatively, you can garnish and add some more flavor with chopped green onions, parsley, or any spice you like.