Monkfish with lentils and rice

Monkfish with lentils and rice

An interesting clash of flavors that together form a healthy and tasty treat.

Layers of lentils and rice accompanied by sumptuous monkfish and a delicate sauce made from vegetables, turmeric and coconut milk are what you will find on your plate the moment you decide to make it. In other words, a recipe that tastes good and contains everything you need for a complete and nutritious lunch.

What lentils go with this recipe

This legume includes many varieties that differ in color and size. Each of them has its own characteristics, and depending on how you are going to cook them, it is better to use one or the other.

Pardina or Franciscan lentils

It is known by this name as it refers to its brown color (reddish brown or earthy brown). They are smaller and specifically designed to be added to soups, salad dressings and are perfect for today’s recipe.

If you dare to cook with him, it will be luxurious. vegan lemon lentil soup and this warm salad.

blonde lentil

This is a flatter greenish-yellow lentil, larger than a pardina. This variety also has other varieties such as Castilian and Armunha, which are considered among the most delicious in the world and with IOwn Protected Geographical Indication (IGP). It resists fire very well, making it ideal for stews and creams.

lentil caviar

Also called black lentils, they owe their name to their resemblance to beluga caviar. It differs from the rest of its companions in that it is much smaller, rounder, and its shiny black skin makes it ideal for salads and side dishes. In addition, during cooking, its structure and color do not change, which adorns its presentation, contrasting with the colors of other ingredients.

red lentils

It is the most easily digestible of all because it has no skin, making it ideal for pâtés and creams. Its taste is very mild, almost sweet and with a delicate texture. It should not be soaked as it requires a very short cooking time, 15 or 20 minutes is sufficient.

It is a very popular variety in Indian cuisine and in cuisines around the world. With it, you can be inspired to prepare this fabulous hungarian soup

Monkfish Recipe with Lentils and Rice

Ingredients for 4 persons

4 monkfish loins

300 grams boiled white rice

300 grams pardina lentils

1 large turnip

1 slice pumpkin

1 Italian green pepper

1 grated turmeric root or 1 teaspoon powder

300 ml coconut milk

1 and a half cups fish broth

olive oil




1.- Brush the bottom of a low saucepan with olive oil and lightly sauté the diced turnips, pumpkins and green peppers. Add the lentils to the turmeric, stir and cook everything together for 2-3 minutes.

2.- Pour in coconut milk, fish broth and season to taste.

3.- When it starts to boil, keep it on high heat for fifteen minutes and add the monkfish sirloin. Cover with a lid, reduce the intensity of the fire and leave for another ten minutes.

3.- Let stand for five minutes and serve with white rice and a generous sprinkling of fresh parsley.