Prepare the Arequipeño Easter broth according to the Peruvian recipe.

Prepare the Arequipeño Easter broth according to the Peruvian recipe.

Prepare the Arequipeño Easter broth according to the Peruvian recipe.  (Photo: Capture)
Prepare the Arequipeño Easter broth according to the Peruvian recipe. (Photo: Capture)

In time Holy Week many families consume allegorical dishes today, and in Peru this custom is no exception, as it is one of the countries with a high percentage of religious fervor.

A striking example is the one city ​​of Arequipawhere a very homogeneous dish is prepared, which is eaten with a spoon, fork and knife.

This dish is known as Easter broth, seven-meat soup, or white broth. It is not easy to prepare due to the large number of ingredients; however, its taste is worth it.

in White City There is a famous tradition, and according to local legends, the broth tasted better when the chicken was stolen. They say that the boys Districts of Arequipa They agreed on a robbery among themselves so that there would be no surprises.

Next we will show you recipe this broth, take note and cook!

Quantity: 8 people.

Dishes: 2-3 pots, ladles and spatulas.


500 grams of lamb.

500 grams of pork.

500 grams of beef.

1 chicken.

100 grams of dried meat.

250 grams of chalon.

A quarter of a baby’s chest.

8 white potatoes.

4 chuño, soaked and cut in half.

300 grams of soaked chickpeas.

one celery.

1 leek and turnip.



Salt and pepper for taste.

Finely chop the Chinese onion.


You should have all the ingredients handy and clean to start with the first step.

one. We take a goatling, wash it well and put it soaked in water with salt.

two. Then he grabs the chicken and starts carving it up for prey. Do the same with other meat, cut it into medium pieces and season with pepper, salt and cumin.

3. Take a large pot and cook the chopped meat. When they turn golden, it’s time to remove them to make room for the rest of the ingredients.

Four. When all the pieces are sealed and gilded, it’s time to put all the pieces in one pot and add water until they are completely covered. A bunch of huacatai and mint is added to this pot.

5. Then lamb, beef brisket, lamb, beef brisket, pork spine, chalon, chicken, kid and jerky are boiled in a saucepan. Celery, leeks and turnips are also added and cooked.

6. You have to let everything cook, and when the meat is almost ready, it’s time to add the chuño along with the chickpeas. Continue cooking until the meat is fully cooked. When it is, then before serving, add a sprig of huacatai, a little mint, a pinch of salt (to taste) and a pinch of pepper.

Take a deep plate, serve and add each meat. When serving, you should also add finely chopped Chinese onion, add chopped parsley on top.

FACT: Although this is a delicious dish, it must be Be very careful with the amount you consume. because of the amount of meat that it contains and which produces acids in our body, which accumulate over the years and are harmful to health.

Some types of meat can be replaced with turkey meat, such as chicken or pork.

A great option to enjoy during Holy Week is the Arequipeño Easter broth. Learn how to cook it with this recipe. Video: YouTube PAM


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