Recipes and Ideas for Celebrating Children’s Day in the Kitchen

Recipes and Ideas for Celebrating Children’s Day in the Kitchen

There are many ways to celebrate Boys and Girls Day, but as far as good traction goes, we think a kitchen with good recipes and activities is the best place to be. You don’t need to have kids to have a good time; the feeling of life cooking does not distinguish age.

You can make desserts, pizza, or any recipe that seems fun and safe if you’re going to be doing it with very young children, or you can also use the ingredients to make silly putty, stick figurines, or piñatas.

Recipes for celebrating Children’s Day

yogurt edible paint

children's day recipes

We know this because we have been there -several times-: everything that is bright must be tasted. But the paint is not as healthy and not as saturated. So one option is to color the yogurt with vegetable dyes to make works of art.

This activity is perfect for 1 to 3 year olds, but you can also have fun with them.

How to do slime

children's day recipes

For the next magic trick you will need:

  • 1 cup white glue
  • 3 1/2 cups cornstarch
  • vegetable coloring
  • 1/2 cup tonic (for glow in the dark)
  • Diamond to taste

Mix all ingredients in a plastic bowl. When everything is integrated and Silly Putty doesn’t stick to your hands, you’re done.

Paste – non-toxic plasticine

children's day recipes

Mix 1 cup flour with half a bar of butter and a little water. Divide into different containers and mix with vegetable dyes to color them.

Animal Tip: If you want your artwork to be edible and delicious, add a teaspoon of sugar and bake at 160ºC or until golden around the edges.

decorated cookies

cookies with royal icing

Whether it’s ginger or puritite oil, here we have two recipes that won’t let you down.

To decorate like a pro, prepare royal icingwhich is achieved by combining powdered sugar with a few drops of water and, in any case, egg white.

Have colorful sparks, gummies, chocolates and everything you need to make them beautiful and rich.

Drawings with textures: recipes from children’s day that do not age

children's day recipes

Do you remember those drawings with which you had fun in kindergarten, with which you decorated pasta soup in different ways? This will never go out of style!

One way to make non-toxic watercolor is to mix some water with food coloring. Thus, all activities will be safe.

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