Renata, great little entrepreneur

Renata, great little entrepreneur

I want to tell you about my new friend, I heard about her, but I did not expect that this little whirlwind, which appeared to me in a wide smile that shows the loss of her childhood teeth, will give place to those who will accompany her for the rest of her life.

“My name is Renata Martinez Fonseca, I just turned 9 and I’m in the third grade of elementary school,” were her first statements after allowing her to relax and have something to eat, as she had just made her photo shoot for this interview. and adrenaline was still in the atmosphere.

She knew very well that she was the star of the meeting, so she was very attentive and in a good mood prepared to share her ideas, very clear and exciting.

“I have returned to face-to-face classes, I am very happy to see my friends, communicate, live together, after two years of being at home, I am finally free!” and it’s not for nothing, he has two older sisters with whom he spent the quarantine, it’s not the same as playing with his little friends, because: “My sisters are 9 and 15 years older than me, they are already big , that’s more! Even the family dog ​​is bigger than me!”

“So you’re spoiled?” – “I heard that the youngest is always the most spoiled, because he listens to the advice of the oldest, and that’s what I do, I learn from the advice that everyone in my house gives me” and I must admit who told me about some advice, which they gave him, and they are really good, but I can’t share them.

Businesswoman in the shower

The date with Renata is connected, first of all, with the fact that this little girl, among other things, is a new businesswoman, the owner of Renata’s confectionery.

“When I turned 5, I asked my mom to let me bake a cake for my party and I really enjoyed doing it. I love to feel the ingredients as they mix, smell, think “this will be good”, I follow the recipe but add something to it, I imagine “this will be good” and I do it and they are very tasty “.

So, I asked him for his recipe, “of course I can tell you all the ingredients, there is only one that is not there, my secret ingredient, here it is, the secret, the rest, well, it’s flour, egg, milk …” and he tells me the ingredients and the procedure, while with her small hand she moves the spatula, mixing everything, and laughs, knowing that without the “secret ingredient” I would never be like her.

But – how did the idea to become a “professional” confectioner come about? “Well, look, since I asked my parents a lot, I wanted to do something on my part, to be a member of the family, to contribute.” for expenses, so one day I baked a cake that was very tasty, my mother really liked it, and she took a piece to her secretary, who also thought it was very good, and asked me if I could make one for her house. After that, my aunts began to order others from me, my mother took pictures of everyone and made me a Facebook page, so far all my clients have been friends of my parents, but now with my page I can sell to other people who don’t know me.

secret recipe

“Everyone who tries my cakes congratulates me, sends blessings and tells me: “I want this”, I take their order, they tell me what flavor they want (almost everyone asks for vanilla) and bitumen when they want. and where to get it, I write everything down and everything. I cook, bake bread, wait until it cools down, decorate it the way I think the buyer will like it, sign it and that’s it!”

“I started in 2019-2020, taking advantage of the fact that I don’t go to school, I told my mother: I don’t want Barbie anymore, better give me things like a kitchenette with everything, an iron, a sewing machine. … and yes, I noticed! Now I have all that “and it’s spectacular!”

“When I was given my sewing machine, I made a lot of pillows, I no longer need to buy stuffing to finish them, I also love to embroider and want to learn to knit” and she has so many things she wants to do with her energy and determination I think she dominates everyone

Among other hobbies, Renata is a gymnast, she has been doing gymnastics since she was four years old: “My favorite exercises are on the floor, I combine them with music and I really like it, I have won 16 medals and two trophies here in Juarez. and chihuahua.

“I used to be called ‘La Maestra’ because I give a lot of advice on how to do homework so I thought about learning it and then a designer but found I have a great voice and so I’m what I’m going to to do is to become a singer, earn a lot of money and be able to finance my bakery like this, I will do it!, because my mother’s job, a psychologist, is very stressful, who is an engineer, makes him sweat a lot, so no, I prefer sing and make cakes.”

Investments and goals to achieve

Then he gave me a lesson in management and finance. “Listen, I give away my cakes for 250 pesos, the money I earn I save because I want to buy tickets to go to El Paso”, in front of my confused face, her mother explains to me that she means processing her passport and visa.

“I tell girls like me to start making new things, crafts, whatever they like, and if it doesn’t work out, try other, simpler ones so that they can, I wanted to build things and couldn’t, so instead of being angry , I have done others like painting, which is like a game, and it has worked well for me, when I want to be inspired by something, I watch movies and from there I get ideas of what I can do, it always works.”

“I have a friend who has a cooking channel on YouTube and I told my father that I want to start one, he already said yes, I hope he does not forget about it, and I will do it soon,” says she told me when I wanted to know more about her immediate plans.

When we said goodbye we sealed our friendship with a big hug after I promised her that when she is ready and learns more recipes I will help her with her channel myself while this is going on I recommend it if you are feeling cake look for Renata’s cake shop on Facebook and when Renata has her own channel, subscribe to her!