steps and technique to get the perfect dough

steps and technique to get the perfect dough

If we want to make bread or pizza at home, one of the most important steps is kneading.. Proper handling of the flour and water mixture (among other ingredients) is the key to achieving the perfect result. Of course, before you start the process, you must keep in mind that this is a long time, since during kneading you must add the rest that is necessary for the fermentation of the dough.

But before we get into all the mixing, let’s talk about the ingredients. Water, flour, yeast, and salt are the elements that yes or yes we need to make bread or pizza.. Here we’re not going to tell you how to make the perfect ten-bread or pizza, but we’re going to give you some ideas so you can play around with different ingredients to get the result to your liking.

Why are we talking about different possibilities? As We have different types of flour to choose from (wheat, whole grain, spelled…), we can use chemical yeast or sourdough, we can add sugar, some seeds… But as we said, today is not the day to give specific recipes, we are going to tell you how to knead and give tips to make the dough perfect. The first point we are going to talk about is the so-called autolysis.

what is autolysis

The way to prepare the dough that we are going to explain today in the CHALLENGE is simple: mix flour and water and let stand for 20 minutes to an hour before continuing the process to add yeast and salt. This method is known as autolysis. So it was named in 1974 by the French baker Raymond Calvel, professor French Menunery School from Paris.

This is one of the key points that many bread and pizza experts consider important: don’t add all the ingredients at once. Autolysis will facilitate subsequent kneading, reducing it by up to 40%.. In addition, the technique created by Kalvel improves the friability, honeycomb structure, flavor and crust of the bread.

WithIn the process of autolysis, we manage to completely develop gluten, which helps to obtain the ideal structure of the crumb.. In doing so, we will also get a much more comfortable dough, since it will be more elastic than if we added all the ingredients at the same time.

D Although we are talking specifically about the process of making bread, it also serves us to make pizza.. We are not dealing with the original test of this typical Italian product, but we can get an impressive result if we mix the ingredients in two steps.

Mixing technique

As we said, this is not a bread or pizza recipe; We are not going to tell you how much you should add each ingredient. Of course, knowing that the base is those four ingredients (flour, water, yeast and salt), you have to keep in mind that the dough will be ready to knead when all the ingredients are combined and it does not stick to the inside of the container in which we mixed the ingredients or to our hands.

D remember: after adding flour and water and stirring, you must wait 20 minutes to an hour to add yeast and salt. Later you can start mixing.

dough step by step

  1. We have to hold the edge of the dough closest to us with one hand. In the meantime, we firmly support the other in the center of the dough and crush it, with which we make it stretch. The goal is to expand it as much as possible..
  2. When we have already reached the maximum point of its stretch (we will notice that the next thing to break), roll the dough over and make a ball again.
  3. Turn the dough over, placing the edge that was farthest to our side.
  4. We repeat the process. We grab, squeeze, stretch and make a ball. Count on about 10 or 15 minutes of kneading.
Dough for bread and pizza
Kneading technique. | gtre

Are a few very simple steps to follow and that you will also improve your technique the more times you do them. Also, you should keep in mind that it is better to overdo the kneading than to miss the time, as the end result will always be better the more we work with the dough.