The best elots, escitites and tostikites of Puebla

The best elots, escitites and tostikites of Puebla

It’s the weekend and you’re always craving dessert, moncha or something special to be with couple, friends or family.

For example, there are endless places where food is offered, such as Eskites, Eloths and Tostiskites.


In Puebla, there are different options to eat delicious esquit Photo: Facebook Pepelote

corn It has always been a mainstay of the Mexican diet and can be used to make several dishes such as corn and esquitas.


Maize preparation has evolved over time | Photo: Facebook Tosti Regios

Its consumption began in pre-Hispanic cultures when chili and epazote were ingredients used to make these foods. With the conquest, a new element was added to the recipe: lemon, although cheese also appeared in this period, one of the most important ingredients for these dishes, and it was only after the 16th century that the recipe reached what we know. moment.


Tostiesquites are prepared directly in the Tostitos | Photo: Facebook Tosti Regios

Here we present some of the places where you can enjoy them in the evening, either roast, fried or boiledand they are a delight to heaven.

1. El Parianin the city of Puebla, offers various stalls where visitors can taste delicious corn or Esquites in various varieties.

Address: 202 North 8th Street.

2. Pebblehas a large selection of corn products including typical esquitos, chilis, pastels and even pens.

The site has almost 39 years of tradition in the market

The branches are located at: 18 Sur 5906, Jardines de San Manuel, Bulevar 2 de octubre 4301 “A, San Baltazar Campeche and

Atzala Street 1815, in Cholula.

3. Don Joshuahis establishment is characterized by variety and combination, that is, parodies with chicken, legs, gizzards, longanise, bacon and even shrimp are offered.

It is located on Avenida Las Margaritas 504, in the city of Puebla.

4. Tosti Regios, located at Camino Real a Cholula 30A, Santa Cruz Buenavista. They are open from 16:30 to 23:00 from Monday to Sunday.

5. CarmenIt is impossible to pass by without eating an elote or a skeet, although chiliatole is the signature dish.

Address: September 16, 1305

And what are you going to want and with what chilitothe one that itches or the one that doesn’t itch.