Salón Gourmets 2022 came to an end this Thursday, April 28, and it ended with some of the edition’s most anticipated contests. Among them is the one that has been brewing since last Tuesday, and one of the great new products of the program: Spanish Gourmet Pizza Championship Magma de Cabreiroawhich is celebrated in Spain for the first time.

A hilarious cloud pizza recipe from @Tictacyummy influencer that everyone loves 🍕☁️ (with video)

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A hilarious cloud pizza recipe from @Tictacyummy influencer that everyone loves 🍕☁️ (with video)

Famous pizzaiolo competed in five categories.:

  • Classic pizza (the most famous and consumed in the world, round, crispy on the outside and fluffy on the inside)
  • Pizza spatula (large mass, cooking directly on the stone)
  • Pizza taglio or al corte (square, cooked in a metal pan, sliced ​​as desired)
  • Gluten free pizza (the most difficult way due to the nature of the flour)
  • acrobatics, where skill was measured while whipping the doughwithout a doubt, the most spectacular and fun way.

What do you think of the best gourmet pizza in Spain? And where do they do it?

After two days of competition and one hundred participants, the long-awaited awards were presented. red shrimp pizza from Marina Alta as the main ingredient introduced by Alessandro Damiano, from pizza factory (Jávea, Alicante), has been recognized The best gourmet pizza in Spain.

With a dough fermented for 48 hours, two types of flour and 70% moisture, on which it was placed after baking. red shrimp head juice seasoned with salt and lime juicestracciatella cheese foam with lime zest, shrimp tartare quenelles dressed with butter and citrus, and lightly spiced fried cherry tomatoes with lime caviar, Alessandro Damiano imposed himself on the rest of the participants in the classic category.

Awarded in other categories

José Manuel Vallejo of Lemon Food (Melegis, Granada) won the gluten-free category; Daniele Conte from Sorsi and Morsi (Valencia) with a shovel; Brian Rodriguez from Kilometers of Pizza (Madrid) taglio; and Francis Tolu from Pizzería Venecia (Alginet, Valencia) in acrobatics.