The pizzeria Pamplona, ​​recognized as one of the best in Spain

The pizzeria Pamplona, ​​recognized as one of the best in Spain

Cicciobella pizzeria in Pamplona is recognized as one of the best in the whole country in the category classic pizza in the Spanish championship Exquisite pizza.

This is an award that surprised and delighted the owners of the premises, which opened less than a year ago in St. Lezcairo area in Pamplona and uses ingredients and products from Navarra in most of its creations.

pamplona pizzeria He was voted 11th best in all of Spain in a tight final and hand in hand with other famous and experienced locals. In the first three positions is Alessandro Damiano from La Fábrica pizzeria in Javea; Martin Montans Andres from La Diavola pizzeria in Zaragoza and Dario Labella from Il Cortile pizzeria in Valencia.

The competition, in the most Italian style, was held for three days in Madrid during the Salón Gourmet exhibition, in which more than 100 participants took part. Pizzeria Cicciobella participated on Tuesday, April 26, in the classic category, thus becoming a gourmet pizzeria with only one year of experience.

Txetsu Maganto and Vinicius de Oliveira These were representatives Cicciobella Pizzeria in the competition, and they made a classic gourmet pizza in their own style, with a local product and completely Navarrese.

chefs from Navarre participated with a test of their own recipe, rounded by hand, which is made in Zucitola workshop in Pamplona and whose training is the result of collaboration between Cicciobella and “master baker” Edorta Salvador (Pan Baker).

Txetxu Maganto and Vinicius de Oliveira from Cicciobella pizzeria in Pamplona during a competition in Madrid.  APPOINTED
Txetxu Maganto and Vinicius de Oliveira from Cicciobella pizzeria in Pamplona during a contest in Madrid. APPOINTED

They explain that the quality of the ingredients is fundamental to them. “We imagined the pizza that you liked the most this year, we didn’t choose or think about it for the competition, it’s the pizza that bears our name and the one that represents us,” they note of their creation with fried Iberian ham from Zubiri, smoked ydiazabal flakes, sun-dried pickled tomatoes and arugula.

Behind Vinicius de Oliveira and Txetsu Maganto The passage of the competition was a complete triumph. “For the first time we present to you, without knowing this type of competition, participants who have been in this world for more than 17 years, for us the result is a triumph and encourages us to continue the path and philosophy that we have. This achievement is important for the whole team,” they say excitedly.

“We wanted this pizza to have a very local identity and so the difference is that our ham goes into the oven to imitate past ham, like lean meat with tomatoes, very Navarrese dish. In other communities, baked ham is generally not eaten. That’s why the whole pizza set has its own style with locally representative flavors.

In all pizza made room for 5 basic flavors, but at the same time, so that each piece has its own space. Salty taste with baked ham, sweet and smoky flavors are provided by cheeses, sourness and bitterness of arugula Peralta and sundried tomatoes.

Duet formed Vinicius de Oliveira and Txetsu Maganto says that participating in the competition was a real experience. “We were impressed by the organization of the event for two days. There were two tables of 4 juries made up of world pizza leaders who were watching different points of the competition,” he says.

To receive points, the jury evaluates clothing, cleaning, kneading or handling the shovel inside and outside the oven. Of course, the finishing of the pizza, the explanation and presentation of the jury that tastes it is also taken into account.