The Sanchez-Vicario family is moving from tennis to healthy cauliflower pizza.

The Sanchez-Vicario family is moving from tennis to healthy cauliflower pizza.

The third generation of Sanchez-Vicario makes its way, but this time he doesn’t have a racket in his hands. Alba, Javier’s daughter and Arancia’s niece, presented her new business project Coliflow, a healthy cauliflower-based pizza, at the Real Club de Tenis Barcelona, ​​which hosted the Conde de Godó Trophy.

The young woman in the saga was supported by her entire family, closely associated with this tennis arena. “In family we’ve all tried pizza, even Arantxa, although she is far away and we loved it! I can’t tell which one is our favorite. I look forward to eating them with Leo and Arancia, my youngest grandchildren, when they arrive from Miami. They greatly admire their older cousin and love spending time together,” said Marisa Vicario Rubio, head of the family.

Alba Sanchez-Vicario proudly presented her business project “Coliflow”, a new brand of pizza based on cauliflower. This is a new generation of pizza that comes to “change your perception and combine nutrition with the pleasure of eating it, enjoying the taste with all the taste that is expected from a crispy pizza, taking care of your health.”

For the presentation, Alba had support from her parents, her sister and her aunt Marisa at the Royal Tennis Club, where he was also visited by his grandmother Marisa, who considers herself “the number one fan of her granddaughter’s new brand”. Alba told the press that her aunt Arancia, who is currently in Miami, uses them frequently and that she and her kids are “Coliflow fans.”

“I am delighted to be able to present to you this project in which I have invested a lot of time and effort offer a more nutritious and delicious alternative to the pizza currently on the shelves,” said Alba Sánchez-Vicario. “Coliflow is a personal project that was born after I spent time in Los Angeles where I first encountered this type of product. Upon my return, I realized that in Spain this option did not exist, while in Europe the supply was really scarce, which inspired me to start experimenting and launch the product that I present today,” he added.

“Coliflow”, which has Nutriscor rating A in its cauliflower base and vegetable pizza recipe, and with an improved nutritional profile in the four-cheese pizza recipe, it provides 30% fewer calories and 50% less fat and less salt than regular pizza. Coliflow pizza contains 50% less wheat flour and is made in a stone oven workshop. It uses the equivalent of 120 grams of fresh cauliflower per base, slow fermentation starter and extra virgin olive oil, and top quality raw materials. materials, with ingredients such as natural tomato or 100% natural whey-free mozzarella cheese.