The world’s best pizza 2022 now in France

The world’s best pizza 2022 now in France

Issue 29 this year Pizza Due World Championship (search competition best pizza in the world) took place in Parma, Italy. Almost three days more than 40 specialists in Pizza they competed with each other. And this time, the title of world champion was won by a French woman with a gourmet recipe.

This is Caroline Maya, who learned the art of creating pizza his father in a family pizzeria founded by his grandparents in Saint-Priest, minutes from the center of Lyon, France. The menu of “Les Pizzas du Puits Vieux” offers pizza for every taste, from classic Margarita to “Pervencha”. (Here: 5 points to recognize a real Neapolitan pizza).

Winners of the Pizza a Due World Championship 2022.Courtesy

Caroline Maya tried her best to team up with a culinary professor to create gourmet pizza is called “C’era une volta” (“once upon a time” in Italian). This innovative recipe paid off as the duo took home the coveted award for best pizza in the world. In fact, Caroline Maia became the first French pizza maker to win the title in World Pizza Championship until 2022.

The secret to the best pizza

“Sea urchin and lobster bisque, torch-fried scallops, dried caviar, salt, citrus-marinated king prawns, sake flambé, mozzarella balls, ricotta cream, saffron-core ricotta flower, squid ink bar, baby shoots peas, sea water. foam, sea urchin tongues, and dried tomato pestle” are, in fact, the ingredients best pizza in the world. (How many calories are in a slice of pizza? Here’s the answer.)

It should be noted that “C’era une volta” is also served “with a shot of hot sake and sea urchin cream”. Finally, a detail that certainly matters: “the dough, which is based on a mixture of two types of Italian flour, is fermented for 72 hours.”

Article originally published in GQ France.