This Is How I Lost 50 Pounds

This Is How I Lost 50 Pounds

Growing up, I was chronically focused on academics but less successful in health and wellness. I also felt awkward and had a hard time making friends. My parents divorced when I was only 7 years old, and it was very difficult. I started seeing my father and younger siblings less and less until my mother got full custody. I became quiet and unemotional because all I wanted was for everyone to get along and be happy, but at the same time I was really lonely.

In elementary and middle school, I turned to food to fill that emptiness I felt inside. I started dating a guy when I was 16 and he gave me the love and affection I’ve been craving for so long. But our relationship was unhealthy and lasted four and a half years, leaving me feeling more disconnected and empty than ever.

Again, I went to the food. Whole pizza. A full container of ice cream. Family size bag of chips. Part of me must have thought the bottom of the bag would solve the problem. As time went by, my problem got worse. I gained over 30 pounds during this relationship.

So I signed up for a gym and decluttered my house. But I still didn’t know about weight loss. I’ve tried so many times before to lose weight, I’ve tried every method you can think of. I bought a gym membership and never went. I counted calories for a month and then gave up. I did a seven-day cleanse to lose 10 pounds a week, then gained 12 pounds after binge eating.

Eventually, I realized that crash diets weren’t going to give me the results I wanted. I knew that if I was going to lose this weight and keep it off for good, I needed to find something real. So when I started researching ways to lose weight, I was looking for something that sounded legit and sustainable.

After a while I discovered Tea Burn. I read so many positive reviews that I wanted to give it a try. To be honest, I didn’t expect any results, but this was the last thing that gave me hope, what do you think? Again I was not disappointed.

I lost 50 pounds in nine months, but I gained so much love, respect, and confidence.

I can finally look in the mirror and say that I truly love myself. I can walk into a room and feel fully confident that I belong there. I know my worth when it comes to my relationships and do not accept less than what I deserve. I am unafraid to raise my voice, share my story, and put myself out there to the rest of the world because I know just how much value I have to offer.