This is how the best pizza in Europe is made: the recipe for the best pizzeria in Spain, which you can now cook at home

This is how the best pizza in Europe is made: the recipe for the best pizzeria in Spain, which you can now cook at home

Although we have already reviewed here the best restaurants where you can taste good pizza, we always have the opportunity to enjoy this typical Italian dish at home. And if we want to do it really well and enjoy our own food, we can find the right ingredients for it. It is enough for us to know the tricks of the best chefs and
recipe for the best pizzeria in spain what can be done at home.

This latest achievement is in line with the Madrid business,
Fratelli Figurato, which has two establishments in the capital and plans to open a third in the south of the city. The brothers who gave their names to both places are Riccardo and Vittorio, who in 2016 decided to give up their professional career to open a restaurant. And since then, they have become a must for lovers of Italian cuisine and, of course, pizza fans.

The Figurato brothers pose with Diavola de León, the winner of the Top 50 Pizzas of 2021. /

fratelli figurato

Both brothers host us at their restaurant on Calle Larra to share the pizza secrets that have propelled them to the top of the Michelin Pizza Guide, The 50 Best Pizzas. And so that we can understand the level of their creations, they treat us to delicious Margarita pizza, in which
dough texture and tomato flavor They do it with little effort. But we’re here to put our hands in the dough and prepare his most famous dish, Diavola de León, “our tribute to Spain,” according to Vittorio.

As the company that popularized pizza in our country in the 90s said, the secret of success is in the dough, but the ingredients that accompany it are no less important. Figuratto bets on
pizza is very similar to Neapolitan, made from light dough with thick edges that make it even more irresistible. And to get it, the first step of cooking, in any kitchen you need only four basic ingredients.

The ingredients you need to make the best homemade pizza

Note: 13 grams of salt, 360 grams of cold water, 530 grams of flour, which can be found in any supermarket, and 2 grams
fresh yeast, the same one that ended in the first months of the pandemic. Pour water into a bowl and with one hand, so that the second is clean, add the rest
Ingredients, dissolve the yeast. When it works, add half the flour and slowly mix with water, starting to form a dough, into which we gradually add the rest of the flour.

Riccardo and Vittorio, the Figurato brothers, in one of the kitchens of their house in Alonso Cano. /

fratelli figurato

In order for the combination of ingredients to be correct, the formation of the dough must be uniform, without residue sticking to the wall of the container. If this happens, we will collect them with the resulting ball, for which we will use our fingers and palm. When the flour and water mix is ​​complete, add the salt and continue shaping the dough for a few minutes. When we are done with this process, we will leave.
leave the dough in the fridgein a container of a certain depth, allowing it to expand and well covered with a film, for 24 or 48 hours.

After this time, we take out the dough, put it on the table, on which we first lay out the semolina so that it does not stick. From the center of mass, we will move the fingertips of both hands up to start stretching it and start
form an edge. When we have finished the semi-circle, we will very carefully turn the dough over and form the other half.

The main ingredients of the best pizza in Europe

Once the process of stretching the dough and giving it its characteristic round shape is complete, it’s time to put the ingredients we want to fill it with. In the case of Fratelli Figuratto and his award-winning
Devil of Leonto the main tomatoes and a couple of basil leaves you need to add a little
thin slices of spicy chorizo ​​from Leon, black olives Gaeta and mozzarella. In the latter case, we crush the usual ball, which we can buy at any supermarket, with our hands, divide it into small pieces, which we lay out on the surface of the pizza.

La Diavola de León is recognized as the best pizza of the year in Europe in 2021. /

fratelli figurato

Then, at Fratelli Figurato, the pizza is placed in an electric oven brought from Naples at a temperature of 400º, where the pizza is cooked in just a minute and a half. To do this at home, and since our oven does not reach this temperature, we will set it to the maximum temperature,
220-250º about 25 minutes or half an hour. Our reference to this being done would be that the edges of the pizza have increased in thickness and that the chorizo ​​has begun to release fat. And it’s ready for tasting.

In case we bet on other ingredients, Figuratto emphasizes the importance of them being natural, and in the case of tomatoes, fried is completely prohibited and it is always preferable to bet on those that we can find.
whole and cleaned in a jar in the supermarket. Before we add them to the dough, we crumble them with our hands to make a sauce that has pulp and gives more flavor to the pizza.