TripAdvisor’s Top 10 Pizza Places in Rosario

TripAdvisor’s Top 10 Pizza Places in Rosario

With so many options for eating pizza in Rosario, choosing from the best bars and still lifes is no easy task. Porteña, New York, baked or grilled, with a variety of flavors, there is something for every taste and everyone will find their favorite place. According to rating tripadvisorAccording to users, these are the top 10 pizzerias in the city:

1) Santa Maria (Garay 970)

Santa Maria is the oldest pizzeria in Rosario, over 60 years old.

This is Rosario’s favorite pizzeria and also the oldest, with over 60 years of history. In the heart of the south, right at the corner of San Martin and Garay streets, is the only place of Santa Maria, a family business that today runs the second generation of pizza makers and which stands out for its shaped pizzas.

“I started visiting her back in 1965 with my whole family. It has always had the highest quality, both in terms of test and coverage,” wrote one of the users of the platform. Most wanted? One of the fugaz

2) Appian Way (961 Pellegrini Avenue)

Via Appia has just celebrated its 57th anniversary and is run by the third generation

It was founded in 1965 and is also one of the most traditional and popular pizzerias among the locals. The business is currently run by the third generation. “Since 1965 we have been the most traditional pizzeria in Rosario. Three generations have been making pizza that our grandfather invented,” is how they describe themselves on their social media.

3) Immortals (July 9, 2301)

Immortals justify the spirit of the classic still life and the old pizzerias of the Buenos Aires area.

She is one of the youngest in Rosario. He cut the ribbons in 2016, and by the hand of an old pizza master far from gourmet fashion, Inmortales confirms the spirit of classic still life and old pizzerias around Buenos Aires. In the style of pizzerias like Guerrín or El Cuartito, you can have a whole pizza cut into slices, and even order a mosque and faina.

“A pizzeria with a very traditional atmosphere, similar to the old and typical ones from Buenos Aires. The pizza is very tasty and very well cooked,” was one of the reviews.

4) Doppio Zero (Tucuman 1281)

Doppio Zero stands out for its Italian cuisine, especially the taglio pizza.

Founded in 2008, this Italian restaurant is known not only for its Roman al taglio pizza, but also for homemade pasta and tiramisu. “Very flat Roman-Italian pizza, nice place, good appetizer options,” emphasizes one of the many comments on tripadvisor.

5) Pizza Piazza (Cafferata 698 – Cordoba 901)

Pizza Piazza is conveniently located a few meters from the Flag Monument.

Another must-have place in the catalog of Rosario pizzerias with two branches. In addition to pizza, minutes and sandwiches, he diversified his menu with pastries and various promotions for breakfast and snacks. Among the most classic pizza options, fugazza, mozzarella, specialty and palm hearts in a pan or on the grill stand out.

“Good option for those who want to eat pizza a few meters from the Flag Monument. Highly recommended,” wrote one user who rated the place five stars.

6) Pizza (Gemes 2238 – Italy 1846)

It is characterized by clay oven pizza and sliced ​​portions.

Pizza in a clay oven, sliced ​​portions, draft beer and wine on tap – this is the offer that Pitsa has successfully implemented in Rosario. It was born in 2018 in Pichincha and then spread to shops in the Abasto and Funes area. He’s gone strong with delivery, and now he’s determined to deliver his recipe to Spain, where he’s going to cut the ribbons at his local room.

“The pizza is beautiful, well ventilated and slightly crispy dough, perfect pastries and quality ingredients. Margarita is glory, ”one of the users emphasized.

7) Pizza Lemmy (Urquiza 1574 – Liberty Avenue 94 – Cafferata 729)

Lemmy’s was the first New York pizzeria in Rosario.

It was the first New York-style pizzeria in Rosario. It opened its first store in 2017 and today has a presence in three strategic locations in the city, including the Mercado del Patio shopping centre. Its flavors include margarita, mushroom, onion, pepperoni, classic and provolone, and pizza is also sold by the slab.

“We wanted it to be a typical American pizza. The recipe was researched by a friend of the chef, and he achieved the perfect, both for the sauce and for the dough, which is cooked at a special temperature, and therefore we had to adapt the ovens, ”their owners told this medium. when they were about to enter the ring with this groundbreaking pizzeria.

8) Pizzeria La Gran Argentina (Avenida Francia 199)

It is highlighted with light blue and white colors to showcase the chosen name.

Pizzas in the form, cutting and takeaway. “Rich, good selection, good location. Family friendly and relaxed atmosphere, perfect for enjoying a good pizza in the pan. I emphasize that they can be ordered in portions in order to try the varieties, ”said the user, who also rated the institution five stars. If there is something that stands out both inside and out, it is the national flavor that flaunts in the name of the pizzeria.

9) La Vendetta (Avenida Pellegrini 1230 and branches)

La Vendetta is another classic of the city with 25 years of experience in the ring.

With over 25 years of history and a dozen stores in Rosario, Funes and Roldan. “Innovation in the taste of Rosario since 1995. The first pizza on the grill,” is how they define it on their website. You can’t miss the options of provolone, Neapolitan, four cheeses and palm heart, in addition to other more sophisticated ones like funghetto with olives, Sicilian or spring vegetables. “Pizza is a spectacle”, sum in qualification.

10) Pizza Club (Avenida Pellegrini, 1295)

Pizza Club has a strategic location on one of the busiest corridors

“The pizzeria is located in the middle of the boulevard, surrounded by 1000 restaurants. Stone pizza, a fairly varied pizza and the prices are appropriate. It’s spacious inside, there are tables outside,” was one of the reviews. And another user agreed: “The attention is very good, the quality of the pizza dough is excellent, we ate arugula pizza and fugazza and both were delicious.” An offer that sits on the corner, right in front of other slimmers like Huella and Club Fellini, but is considered the best for eating pizza.