Warning signs that cancer is growing in your body

Warning signs that cancer is growing in your body

Hello, people live longer than ever, after being diagnosed with cancer, because most cancer screenings have progressed. Regular examinations reveal diseases at an early stage, and their treatment can be more honest.

One of the symptoms that cannot be ignored: unexplained weight loss.
Having one of the following symptoms does not mean that you have most types of cancer. But to be sure, talk to your doctor about these five signs, symptoms and signs.

Unexplained weight loss
If you lose weight without reason, call your doctor. Потерять 10 плубов или больше можно не боятся не бояться что ничего ничего. However, in rare cases, this can be the first sign of cancer.


This is not the tiredness you feel after a long working day or game. Extreme fatigue that does not go away when relaxed can be an early sign of most types of cancer.

Most crabs use nutrients from your body for growth and reproduction, so nutrients don’t replenish your body. «Воровство еды» может сильно отомить вас.

There are many causes of fatigue, many of which have nothing to do with cancer. If your symptoms are serious enough to affect your sweet lifestyle, call your doctor.


Fever can be a common symptom of colds and flu and disappear as a personal symptom.

Confirmed signs of normal fever may indicate a possible connection with cancer. You should pay special attention if:

Fever usually occurs at night.
You have no other symptoms of infection.
Вам нравится ночная потливость.


Pain is any other symptom that can be caused by a number of health problems, most of which are not cancer. But chronic pain can also indicate an underlying disease.

Most types of cancer can cause pain in a certain way, for example:

A bump or tumor that pops out in different parts of your body
Cancerous chemical substances are released
metastases or spread from the place where most types of cancer started
If you have pain that does not go away, and you are not sure where it comes from, your doctor can help you with smooth further steps.

changes in skin

Our pores and skin are the most important organ of our structure and can be a window to our normal health. Jaundice (yellowing of the eyes or fingertips) is a symptom that may indicate a possible precursor to cancer. Call your doctor if you report signs or symptoms of jaundice.

Changes in birthmarks can also be the cause of the disease. Назовите своего врача, если он создан

Asymmetric or uneven edges
It has uneven borders
Change color or darken
большой or растущий

This is not the most effective way for your body to react to early cancer. Check out the symptoms that John Hopkins University gastroenterologist Ann Marie Lennon wants you to know.