Zurrukutuna, sagargala and other recipes to enjoy Basque cuisine

Zurrukutuna, sagargala and other recipes to enjoy Basque cuisine

The Cantabrian Sea contributes to this gastronomy with quality products such as cod, hake and shellfish.


Hake in green sauce

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The traditional cuisine of the Basque Country includes all kinds of dishes: pinchos, soups, local fish dishes or traditional pastries that do not go unnoticed. His recipes have made good food a hallmark of the region, making the Basque Country the second most Michelin-starred territory in Spain.

It is impossible to collect all the products that have made Basque cuisine one of the most outstanding in our country, but we will show you some of them that you can cook at home by following the steps of these recipes:

Zurrukutuna, a typical Basque soup



This recipe combines cod, one of the most commonly used fish in Basque cuisine, and garlic in one soup. Also made with sopako, a traditional bread from the Basque Country that is perfect for soups, this dish combines some of the best products of the region’s gastronomy.



Basque piperade with cod brandy

Piperrada, a mixture of vegetables similar to ratatouille but without the zucchini, is served hot, although it can be considered a salad. In this case, the taste of this dish is combined with a brandy made from crushed cod soaked in garlic, and becomes the perfect recipe for combining fish and vegetables.




In San Sebastian, this dessert, so typical of Basque confectionery, was born. Made from puff pastry, filled with custard and topped with almond flakes, panchineta is one of the tastiest cakes in the area thanks to its creamy and sweet interior and shape. coating crisp.

Gilda Bodega Donostiarra



When it comes to typical dishes of the Basque Country, one cannot fail to mention the pincho. One of the most popular and spicy, La Gilda combines olives, anchovies and piparras, a type of local hot pepper, on a toothpick. With this recipe, you will have the perfect appetizer for any tapas.

Basque sagargala



This traditional pie consists of a soft sponge cake topped with fresh cheese mousse topped with delicious sweet applesauce. In short, the perfect dessert for lovers of sweets.



Hake in green sauce

Along with cod, hake is one of the most traditional fish in Basque cuisine. This is a recipe that stands out for its simplicity, despite the blend of its ingredients providing a great taste. It can be served with asparagus, hard-boiled eggs, shellfish, or peas, but that’s up to you.

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